"D.E. was a really fantastic MCAT teacher. I did really well on all sections of the MCAT and got into a great medical school. I ended up tutoring the MCAT myself because he was such a great teacher."

-J.M. Yale


"I really struggled with the Physical Sciences section. The first time I took the MCAT I bombed. D.E. helped me focus on my weaknesses and after a few months of tutoring I retook the MCAT and did great!"

-M.S. University of Connecticut


"D.E. had great strategy ideas, and pushed me to succeed. I had a lot of trouble with the Verbal Reasoning section and he helped me bring my score up 4 points just on that section!"

-M.K. University of Michigan


"D.E. was the perfect MCAT tutor. He knew the material well, and was also patient, encouraging, and kind: traits that are needed when tackling the mental marathon that is the MCAT. I would recommend him to other pre-medical students in a heartbeat!"



"The techniques and strategies I learned while working with Michigan MCAT improved my MCAT score significantly! They also changed the way I look at all scientific literature. I approach article and journals in a new way, and critically understand them much better."

-A.A. University of Michigan


"D.E. was incredibly helpful and personable. He thoughtfully targeted the areas I needed to focus on, and with his help I got a great MCAT score! I recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent tutor."

-S.M. Oakland University


"I really struggled preparing for the MCAT on my own. D.E. helped me focus: he really understands what it takes to prepare for such a beast of an exam. My score improved significantly after working with him, and his help with my personal statement was thorough and excellent. I highly recommend Michigan MCAT."

-E.F. Michigan State University


"I scored 522 out of 528, which is in the 99th percentile. I'm really pleased with this and I want to thank D.E. so much for all of his help, I could not have done it without him!"

-L.H. University of Michigan


"I just received my MCAT score: a 515 (94th percentile)!!! I am so excited! Thank you so much D.E. for all you did! I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your guidance. You pushed me to accomplish so much more than I thought I could!"

-A.B. University of Michigan